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Use of the eTDE System for European Union Dairy Export Certificates

Guidelines for New Users and Companies

The USDA Electronic Trade Document Exchange (eTDE) system provides a secure environment for sharing trade documentation with governments and businesses across the supply chain. To work within this security framework, there are a number of actions that new users and companies must take before using eTDE.

1. Obtain a USDA e-authentication account for each user that will access the eTDE system. Users located in the US need a Level 2 account, while users outside of the US need a level 1 account. After submitting a request for a Level 2 account, users will need to be identify-proofed by presenting authoritative identification documents to a USDA Local Registration Authority. If you do not already have an e-Authentication user account, please follow the links below for instructions related to eAuthentication registration. 2. Learn how to finalize eTDE registration, establish a company as an entity in eTDE, associate other staff to the entity, and more. Please note that the screen prints in the document are generic and refer to "Peanuts" commodity. You will need to select your commodity (Dairy). 3. If you need eTDE technical support contact the eTDE system administrator at For other questions visit the EU Certificates Contact Page
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